Hotel Books - Found Footage: Stuff I Found That I Need To Share (Book)
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Hotel Books - Found Footage: Stuff I Found That I Need To Share (Book)

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Rejection hurts, but sometimes rejection is the fuel that keeps an emotional engine running, which can definitely be said about spoken-word poet and monologuist Cam Smith. Smith has come to be known as an emotional powerhouse on stage, studio and print, most known for his blunt, flavorful approach to narrative.

"Found Footage: Stuff I found That I Need To Share" is a collection of writings by Cam Smith that were never released in their intended format. Maneuvering through the industry creates a world of rejection and Smith has taken his rejected works and given them a new, refreshing life with this very book. From screenplays, to short stories, to interviews and more, Smith takes a no holds barred approach to sharing his heart, mind an message in many unique formats.

"Found Footage" is a nice gem in Smith's rigorously busy career, containing stories and passages that complete the narratives of his first book, "Most Nights, I Wish It was You," as well as his breakthrough spoken-word debut collection "Everything We Could Have Done Differently." Whether it be rejection, or another one of life's difficulties, that fuels Smith to keep on keeping on, this book captures a complete spectrum of Smith's cerebral approach to storytelling and navigating through emotion.

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